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Kymco MXU 400


On his continuing journey through Australia's top end, Rick relies on his trusty Kymco MXU 400.


Kymco MXU 400

The adventures keep on coming as Rick Huckstepp takes on Australia with his Kymco MXU 400 in tow. Caravanning around Australia, Rick is capturing the sights of our beautiful country and discovering Australian sights that are off the beaten track. Here is the latest instalment from Rick’s Kymco Adventure…….

After having a yarn with a fishing mate who lived in Goondiwindi I decided that I had had enough of suburbia and headed west. West of Goondiwindi in central west Queensland.

After picking up the keys to the gate on 5,500 acres of grazing land we searched around the ranges for a good camp spot to anchor the bush trailer.
Once ensconced it was time to check out the area with the quad bike.

Now I don’t mind a bit of walking; it’s good for the ticker, but when you have such a vast block of land segregated with meandering hilly ranges overlooking vast fields, swamps and low scrub land it would take you a month of Sundays to cover the ground.

With the Kymco fired up it was a piece of cake and fun to boot. Hill climbing is one of the things this bike is good at. The 4WD capability gives it that edge you need when a climb is border line due to steepness or slippery rubble surfaces. It’s ideal for safety as well.

Seven days of exploring the hills and scrub flushing out feral pests for eradication was appreciated by Farmer Brown who spends all his spare time repairing fences damaged by pigs and goats. I’ll spare you the details here but suffice to say there is a little less feral population to contend with now.

A few dams scattered about the place looked like they might hold a feed- so with yabby pots deployed it was garlic yabbies on the menu.

With the dust settling from that trip it is time to prepare for the next. We will be heading into some serious quad bike country shortly. The area around Tibooburra, Milparinka and Teetulpa Gold Fields is the destination. Stay tuned!
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